The Consequence of War
Title The Consequence of War
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Charlie Fraser
Professor Aisling Foster
Jackson LaVarre


In My End Is


My Face Shall Be Hidden

'The Consequence of War' is the twenty-fourth episode of The Walk.
Nothing soothes the nerves after a daring escape like a nice cup of tea.

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Bonus Material Edit

  • 'Transcript': transcript of Lawrence's (Lawrie) and Marianne's (Sunshine) conversation before the events of the game. He offers to kill Professor Emanuel and she said that probably wouldn't help. She mentions being taken to a hospital and that her dad let them hurt her. When Lawrence questions her about this, she tells him that she didn't know why she said that, that it must be from the stress. Where she says "In the hospital" is circled in red and written next to it is, "Hospital again. Why?"
  • 'Comic book strip': a torn page from the Jack the Ripper comic. The two characters wake up and come across a plesiosaur. It appears they are on a dinosaur island.
  • 'Ringing phone':
  • 'Toy tortoise': A New Tomorrow retelling of "The Tortoise and the Hare".

Landscape Features Edit

  • Marcia Blaine School
  • Student halls
  • Medical station
  • Novelty tartan hat
  • Fire station
  • Machine learning centre
  • Community care center
  • Lecture auditorium
  • Tea shop
  • Stick of Edinburgh rock
  • Abandoned blanket
  • Torn book: Trainspotting
  • Cigarette bin
  • Deep fried haggis remains
  • Library
  • Rugby ball
  • Waterlogged Fringe flyer

Continuity Edit

Trivia Edit

Amongst the landscape items is a torn book: Trainspotting. This book is set in Leith, Edinburgh and is about people who use heroin or who have other addictions. Walker and the team are currently in Edinburgh, and one of the Burn members introduced in the Messages from Beyond the Grave segments has a heroin addiction, which he fails to kick without Soleil's "treatments".