The Burn are a terrorist organisation and the primary antagonist group in The Walk. Their creator and leader is Soleil.

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The Burn are introduced in the first episode as the primary antagonist group to the player. Like their leader, the Burn is ruthless and clever. They are often portrayed as several steps ahead of the player's team. Compared to the other terrorist group, New Tomorrow, the Burn are much smaller, but vastly more technologically-savvy.[1]

The Burn also seem to lack the cohesiveness of New Tomorrow. Burn members interviewed in the Messages from Beyond the Grave come from all sorts of backgrounds, and with all sorts of motivations for joining. They include veteran protesters who want to smash the system, members who have joined because of their belief in rational selfishness, people who want to get back at their parents, and pragmatists who have only joined in order to be on the winning side.

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