Played by

Natalie Neagle

First Appearance

And the Earth was (unnamed)
and When You Journey (named)

Last Appearance

Who Loves None


New Tomorrow


Waitress, Ecoterrorist, Environmentalist

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New Tomorrow Edit

Priya is a member of New Tomorrow. She is first encountered in a named role at Emirate (sp?) Community, the New Tomorrow eco-community in Episode 31 and When You Journey, but then explains that you have met before: Priya was the unnamed waitress in the very first episode of The Walk who served Walker at the cafe in Inverness station. Priya had been posted there with instructions to trigger the bomb to set off the EMP if she saw Walker being passed the package containing the device, which the Burn had told them was a secret military technology. Priya at first begins to apologise for this action and the deaths it caused, but then retracts the apology, stating that she knows she's supposed to say she knows it was wrong but there are "too many people" on the planet and that people die all the time.

Once New Tomorrow become aware of the Burn's real plans however, they offer to help the group to stop them. Priya then helps sneak the group into a Burn waystation for prisoners to investigate the transmitters.

In Episode 37: Revelation, Lawrence orders the deaths of New Tomorrow's leaders (apparently including Priya) as a result of the discovery of their betrayal. However Mike assures the group in Episode 42: Through a Glass, Darkly that Priya had survived, and that her death had been faked in order to trick the Burn into thinking that New Tomorrow was now confused and leaderless.

Priya returns in the final episode to assist the team with some explosives.

Priya was also a friend of Dave Crispin's before the game begins, and he addresses one of his phone messages to her in Episode 34: Suffer the Little Children. They had become acquainted through New Tomorrow/Burn meet and greet get-togethers (which Mike also attended). Dave reached out to Priya and Mike once he began to question the Burn's motives, wanting to help them.

Radio New Tomorrow Edit

Priya is most likely one of the unnamed hosts of Radio New Tomorrow, segments of which are available as bonus audio clips. In Episode 8: The Wild Hunt a wind-up radio plays a segment hosted by an unnamed female who sounds very much like Priya, introducing the radio station and reassuring listeners. A second segment by the unnamed female host appears in Episode 30: When You Sit At Home. This time the segment is on birth control, discouraging people from having babies as "the world doesn't need more people", which ties in with her comments later to Walker about not being sorry about killing people as there are "too many" of them.

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