New Tomorrow is an ecological protest group, dedicated to forcing humans to live sustainably in order to save the planet. They consist of an extreme militant section who carry out terrorist attacks, as well as other groups who simply try to live sustainably. They are currently working together with The Burn.[1]


Just before the EMP goes off, we hear that Interpol have attempted to catch members of New Tomorrow in Madrid and Frankfurt. We learn that they are responsible for the brief shutdown of the Hang Seng a year before the events of the game.[2]

Radio New Tomorrow and disturbing toys Edit

Throughout the game, the player encounters messages about surviving in the post-EMP world (as bonus audio content), some of which are from Radio New Tomorrow. Others do not have acknowledged authorship, but often take the form of toys with recorded messages containing messages of ecological disaster. These include:

  • 'Wind-up radio': a bonus audio clip – the first broadcast of Radio New Tomorrow. The unnamed female host (Priya) discusses how times are hard now, and how people have become used to luxuries and started to see them as necessities that they are entitled too. "But we're not. You're not. They've gone away and they aren't coming back." The host then reassures people that they can cope in a post-power world, as we're all descended from survivors. The host concludes: "You're probably very angry with us right now. That's okay too. Nobody likes to take their medicine, but there's a reason we still go to the doctor. And the world is much sicker than most people imagined. It's nearly terminal. We've given you the treatment, but we can help with the cure too. We're not going to leave you to suffer alone. We'll be sharing all our top tips for surviving in a post-power world, so keep well siblings, and keep listening."[3]
  • 'Toy wolf with pull-string': A bonus audio recording of a nightmare version of Red Riding Hood[4].

Known MembersEdit

John Adebayo[5]





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