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The Messages from Beyond the Grave are a series of bonus audio clips which are findable while playing the Walk. They are usually described as being some sort of audio device, for example audio bracelets, audio signet rings etc. They are all recorded by Burn members or Burn affiliates, and are to be released after their deaths in order to explain why they chose to ally themselves with the Burn and take the actions that they did. Soleil appears on the recordings as well, usually prompting the recorder in their explanations. Some of the Messages are recorded by characters who appear during the Walk, others merely provide additional background on the Burn.

Known Messages Edit

Episode Audio Device Recorder Relationship to the Burn Motivation
#2: Chaos and Confusion Unusual audio pendant Unnamed Member Came to the UK to work as a medical orderly, she was told that the drugs would prevent her from being infected, but became ill with Malaria C. Soleil tells her that "they didn't take proper precautions". She then joined the Burn to prevent what happened to her from happening again, and also because Soleil has promised her a treatment which might slow the progress of the disease.
#9: Homo Homini Lupus Audio earring Christopher Malcolm Member Wanted to take action. Had a history of joining other organisations such as the Socialist Workers and Enviroblack, but none of them were enough. But then Soleil came to him, "And I knew we'd smash everything. All the windows. All the systems. We'd smash it all down until the whole world was nothing  but broken glass."
#20: Multitudes Flying Audio signet ring John Adebayo New Tomorrow member allied with the Burn Joined New Tomorrow due to witnessing so many environmental disasters caused by humans. Felt that someone had to do something, "And it turned out that someone was me."
#29: Come and See Loneliness Audio bracelet Kathleen Briar Member Joined the Burn after Soleil introduced her to Ayn Rand and Terry Goodkind and the concept of rational selfishness.
#32: Guarantee of Peace Audio enabled pen Jamie Member? As a way of striking back at her mother after spending her life fulfilling all of her expectations to be good and trying hard to make her proud, while only ever receiving criticism in return. "By the time you hear this, Mum, it will be too late to tell me that you love me. But when you look at the news footage... when you see what I've done... well. I hope this makes you proud!"
#35: The Buddha on the Road Audio tie-clip Harold Ally A member of Parliament, he allied himself with the Burn largely for mutually beneficial reasons. However he also believed that he could tell which way the wind was blowing, and felt that "Sometimes you have to bend if you don't want to break."
#45: Just Like One Body Audio enabled pen Akash Member A former alcoholic and drug user, he had tried and failed many times to clean up, being jailed many times as a result, unable to stop even once he became a father. Then Soleil came along and gave him "the treatment", and suddenly he no longer wanted drugs, as they weren't for the greater good. Filled with gratitude, he is willing to do anything for Soleil and the greater good.
#51: I Shall Not Die But Live Audio pendant Elspeth Member Believed that people should follow the person with the biggest brain, as that was how humanity had become the dominant species. Soleil proved that she was more intelligent than Elspeth by solving an algorithm that her team had been working on for months and which had been hidden behind layers of security. Elspeth decided that she would therefore do whatever Soleil wanted, as she was the cleverest person.