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Played by

Philip Nightingale

First Appearance

Chaos and Confusion

Last Appearance

I Shall Not Die But Live


The Burn


Carrier, PhD Candidate

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Working under a generated codename, Lawrence is carrying one of the Devices that contain vital information on The Burn. He is part of the group traveling with Walker from Inverness to Edinburgh.


Lawrence was a PhD student in Inverness, working in a university lab under Professor Emmanuel on the 'potential of self-evolving algorithms in the development of real-time natural speech recognition' [1]. He claimed to have been recruited by the Professor to carry one of the Data Boxes to Edinburgh, with the promise that the Professor would put a good word in for Lawrence with his daughter and arrange a semester abroad in the US where his daughter was studying. He was at Inverness Station when the EMP detonated and met Walker while trying to escape the city.

It was later revealed that much of what he said had been a lie. He and the Professor's daughter, Soleil, were already in a relationship and working together for The Burn. Lawrence had murdered Professor Emmanuel after he refused to give up the Device, and joined with Walker and the others to ensure their capture.


References Edit

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