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John Adebayo
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All Tremble at War

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Closer than a Brother


Royal Air Force
New Tomorrow



Adebayo was Commander Stanton's most trusted colleague. He had followed Stanton out of the military base on the pretense of helping the group.

The Betrayal Edit

Adebayo had nearly led the group into a trap set by The Burn. He was the one that revealed The Burn and New Tomorrow's alliance, believing that The Burn would help advance the other's goals. Stanton shoots him when he goes for his gun. She only injured him, so he manages to return to The Burn group.

The Escape Edit

The next time they see him he's in a Burn camp. After discovering the guard the knocked out to get her walkie-talkie, Adebayo leaves to deal with them personally. He pulls up next to the group in a transport and leads them farther away from the camp at gunpoint. When they stop he informs them that one of them is a traitor and that things had changed since The Burn alliance, that he didn't join New Tomorrow to become a killer. He points them to an escape route through a gap in the fence.

Still carrying the walkie talkie they stole, the group hears that Soleil has found out about Adebayo's deed. Knowing that they were still listening, she has him shot to death.

Message from Beyond the Grave Edit

In Episode 20, Multitudes Flying, Adebayo is heard in one of the Messages from Beyond the Grave bonus audio recordings. Appearing on an audio signet ring, he initially protests taking part but eventually gives his reasons for joining New Tomorrow: he had seen too many environmental disasters occuring caused by humans. He felt that someone had to do something... "and it turned out, that someone was me".