In My End Is
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The Long Home


The Consequence of War

'In My End Is' the twenty-third episode of The Walk.
The end of your journey? Or just the beginning...
There are 18 landscape features to be scanned and one collectible.

The walking time for the shortest route is 58 minutes, and there is one divergent path.

Plot Summary Edit

Being Sensible Edit

Lawrence is talking to Marianne; the pocket watch that he had said he had gotten from his grandfather had a transmitter, which he's been using the whole time to keep the Burn on the group's trail. He tells you that they can let you go after everything is finished. He is taking you to a University lab to "get what we need" from the devices. Because you're bio-logged to your device, he can't kill you, not that he would. The anonymous transmissions that Adebayo had been receiving were also from Lawrence.

The Full Story Edit

Lawerence tells you that Charlie never told you the full story, and her story that the devices contained evidence was a lie. He says that your journey could've ended in Aberfeldy if Charlie and Stanton hadn't kept pushing you. He admits that even he doesn't fully understand what the devices are capable of, that they were part a big project Professor Emmanuel was working on. They are military tech, capable of remotely activating military, nuclear weapons and destroying fighter jets in the their hangar bays.

Lawrence goes on about how great Marianne is when you hear a noise similar to when you first activated your device. Charlie can now speak to you inside of your head through the harmonic frequency generator you injected into your head in the last episode.

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Home Sweet Lab Edit

The Only Way Edit

Bonus Material Edit

  • 'Torn note': note to M from Paula:

"Had a call from Ivan, he's driving down this morning. Says to call Prof F when she's awake. Sounded important, something about the project, get her in asap. Also he wanted me to ask if you knew anything about "Bardle's back door"? Apparently not a euphemism? Do you know if she put a back door in, Ivan reckoned she was planning to. Lunch today? They've got korma at the canteen!"

Landscape Features Edit

  • Cigarette packet
  • Deep-fried Mars Bar
  • Whiskey bar
  • Broken umbrella
  • Cut bike lock
  • Kilt shop
  • New Tomorrow store
  • Storm-safe centre
  • ID Badge: Ivan Settner
  • Train tracks
  • Tea shop
  • Bottle of Buckfast
  • Fast food litter
  • Gift shop
  • Office: Professor Foster
  • Sign: Selkirk 40 miles
  • Discarded needle
  • University building

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