Fiona Willoughby
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And the Earth was


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Businesswoman (CEO of Enerwave)

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Fiona was the person who gave Walker the package and got them out of Inverness Station. She was last seen in a gunfight with a member of The Burn, giving Walker time to get away.

The gunshots stop soon after Walker is introduced to Charlie Fraser. She says that Fiona's "gone", implying that she was killed.

Background Edit

She was the CEO of Enerwave until she was removed. There was a massive restructuring of the company after it had suffered a financial loss of nearly 480 million pounds.[1]

History with Walker (spoilers for episode 10) Edit

Fiona apparently began to work for the Secret Service after leaving Enerwave. She and Walker may have past history; during 'That Solitary Night', Walker experiences hypothermia-induced hallucinations about Fiona talking about Walker's past missions, when many people were killed or injured. Fiona comments that many people's careers would have ended, but that Walker was too useful to lose because they believe that the end justifies the means[2].

References Edit

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