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All Tremble at War

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I Shall Not Die But Live


The Burn


Burn Member

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Mysterious Burn operative that is only heard through recordings. She believes that the smartest should rule and is noted to be highly intelligent and persuasive.

Elspeth is described as pretty, with red hair, an oval face, cupid bow lips and perfectly clear skin because she doesn't like wearing makeup.[1]

Backstory (Spoilers up to Episode 51) Edit

In a Message from Beyond the Grave, Elspeth explains how she began to follow Soleil. Soleil had proved that she was more intelligent than Elspeth by solving an algorithm that her team had been working on for months and which had been hidden behind layers of security.[2]

She convinces Dave Crispin to join The Burn [3], and he was under the delusion that she loved him back. [4]

Elspeth was the mole with New Tomorrow, telling Soleil their plans.[5]

Believing she had nothing more to offer, she gives herself up to be used as one of Soleil's avatars.

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