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Charlie Fraser
Played by

Olga Leon

First Appearance

And the Earth was

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Secret Service



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Charlie acts as Operator for Walker, Lawrence, and Emma as they make their way from Inverness to Edinburgh, providing them with directions, intel about the area, and organising safe houses for them. She seems to have access to satellite views of most of the country, as well as other surveillance equipment.


Trained as a lawyer, with a Maths degree. Told her family that she was working as a Civil Servant. She was recruited at a tea that was hosted by an Oxford Don.

The ProjectEdit

Charlie reveals that after the Burn's attack, the network she is working for has been paralyzed, and that they no longer work in one location together, and haven't done so for years. She works out of her flat in Geneva, by herself, with a bank of screens.


Is the daughter of Professor Emmanuel and a Danish mother. Because of her father's work, she travelled between Britain and Denmark frequently as a child. Her accent is a result of this. Has one sister, Marianne, who is a year younger. Charlie says that she and Marianne are opposities in personality, and that Marianne is "always interesting", where Charlie describes herself as "boring" and "hardworking".

When they were older, Charlie and Marianne had a fight. Marianne accused Charlie of judging her for not attending university, which Charlie claims she wouldn't have judged Marianne for, but says she worried that Marianne was asking too much from their parents. Charlie began to think that Marianne was judging her for "not having any fun". Charlie admits she may have been too controlling, and describes the fight as a "blow up row". Charlie speculates that the fact she had to conceal her job from her family may have caused some tension.

Marianne ended up joining New Tomorrow, the Anti-Technology terrorist organization, and began sending Charlie annotated propaganda from the group. She eventually joined The Burn as well. Charlie speculates that she may have gained a high position amongst them, due to her charisma.